Meet Amanda

Welcome to my crazy knitting, dyeing, and designing world.

I started knitting eleven years ago when my middle daughter wanted to learn. We were riding the train with my newborn, and the lady across from us was knitting; my daughter was enamored and couldn’t believe you could make something with just two sticks. Her birthday was coming and I bought her a knitting kit; my husband told me to go buy another one so that I could learn and help her along the way since she was only 7. Long story short she can’t cast on and I am in love with all things knitting related. About five years ago I started designing though it took me a while to actually publish my first pattern.
I’m a road warrior I love to drive. I have driven from California to N. Carolina and more than half the states in between. I need to hit the East Coast states sooner rather than later. I find the best part of driving is the ever changing scenery; not just the landscapes, but the cityscapes, the sunrises and sunsets, the attractions and art galleries. I get so excited by all of that and more. Most of my patterns are inspired by what I see on the road.

It was on my first road trip to Santa Barbara, that I became inspired to dye. Venka, my best friend and I explored the mission, bought fun new yarn at the LYS, and had dinner on the pier. I was enamored with all of it; and as we walked around I started seeing colors; and my designer brain started seeing shawls, and sweaters. I was most inspired by the combinations of colors: the blues next to the stone colors of the in the mission, and the amazing colors of the sunset. Santa Barbara sunset came from my three favorite colors within that sunset. Color combinations started rolling around in my head and I came home newly inspired. I told my husband I wanted to dye yarn. He smiled and said what do you need to start. I had been in a real funk lately and we were both hoping a new hobby would help me get out of it. He truly is my biggest supporter and fan.

I played with food coloring and read every blog and watched every youtube channel I could find; turning the yarn I was using int hats for the homeless. Then I got a real break; my friend and yarn store owner, gave 66 skeins of undyed yarn and 3 weeks to have a trunk show. I finished skein 66 with 3 days to spare; meaning I had just 3 days to put together everything other than dying. It was the fastest craziest extremely fun and intense 3 weeks; and the beginning of my dyeing adventure.

I’m sure some of you are wondering where Venka and Golden State Fiber Arts went. Venka unfortunately suffered a stroke in November and cannot continue with the business. She is working very hard at recovering and is doing well in therapy. Going it alone was very scary; but I also wanted to take the opportunity to make a name that I could 100% identify with. I own my crazy; I work hard every day to stay as sane as possible. Dyeing, knitting and designing are a large part of what makes it possible.

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